Timing plays the most important role in intimacy.
During intercourse, if your timing isn’t good or say “no satisfactory” to your partner, it can lead to a sad sex life.
As a known fact, girls have the ability of multiple orgasms but same is not the case with boys.
A guy ejaculates once and that’s said to be the climax or ending phase of the intercourse session. At least for a good 10-15 mins.
But in recent period of time many guys (irrespective of the age category) can’t last long . they tend to ejaculate soon which is commonly known as ‘pre-ejaculation” or “premature ejaculation”.
Men who have low level of the chemical serotonin in their brains tend to ejaculate quickly. Between 30%-40% men have it at some time in their life. Although its not something to be worried much about but if this happens than it might be the reason for the partner’s disputes.

Phases of Ejaculation:

There are 2 phases of ejaculation: Emission and Expulsion.


It is a semen formation process. For Semen formation, the mixing of seminal fluid with sperm takes place. To mix with seminal fluid the sperms travels to the prostate from testicles. The tube that works as travel medium is known as vas deferential (when more than one tube takes part) . vas deferens (when only one tube is involved in the process).


This is the process of muscle contraction at the base of penis. The semen is pushed out of the penis in this process. Normally, ejaculation and orgasm or commonly known as climax happens simultaneously . some men even tend to reach climax without ejaculating semen. Expulsion is the last phase, post this usually men loses erection.
Men suffering from pre ejaculation tend to reach expulsion phases very early as compared to the normal ejaculation timing. Since erection goes away after this phase. sometimes it is difficult to examine if the man is suffering from Pre ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. In such cases ED should be treated first, as PE is may not be major problems post that.


The major causes of PE are not actually known. But it is partly affected by the brain chemistry. Few factors which affect the performance and leads to premature ejaculation are:
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle/routine
  • Performance anxiety etc.
Sometimes premature ejaculation can be a problem in man suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Men suffering from ED fears in disclosing this problem develops a pattern of early ejaculation. which leads to Premature Ejaculation.
Serotonin is another reason for PE. It is a natural substance produced by the nerves. A man with high amount of serotonin in the brain takes more time to ejaculate. Low amount of serotonin reduces the timing and ejaculates early.


Mostly a man suffering from PE should visit his health care provider immediately . it can be diagnosed through physical examination and counselling sessions.


  • Some therapies which can be used to treat PE are.
  • Counselling
  • Exercises which help you build tolerance to delay ejaculation
  • certain drugs like fluoxetine
  • paroxetine
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