Few reasons why you lose erection midway during Physical Intercourse activity

Stressful events :- 

If you are thinking of your office emails during physical activity or thinking how you will pay off your EMIs. it is immediately going to have an effect on your boner. So try to keep all your stress away to make sure that you have a good time in bed. Use ALLECRA SILDAMAX PRODUCTS FOR BETTER RESULTS.
If you like rough physical activity . you don’t have to incorporate strange fantasies and positions. You can just tweak your favorite physical activity positions and amp up the roughness factor. So check out these hot rough physical activity positions and try them with your partner.

Queenie :-

When you are on top you rock and control the depth and speed of the movement while he enjoys seeing you in action. You can take it up a notch by tying his hands together to take control. Just straddle your man with your knees bend and pus off his chest to move up and down.

Thumper :- 

With few tweaks, you can take the rough factor up a notch even in doggy style. Just pull and spank in doggy while positioning yourself in front of the mirror so you both can watch. Get on your hands and legs and let your partner enter you from behind while he holds your hips and breasts. use Male Enhcancement Tablet for more n more fun.

View from the top

In this position, he can not only wrap his hands around you to hold you tight. but he can also use his hands to explore your body, to grab your hair and squeeze your nipples. Just have him sit on a chair or edge of a bed and lower your body onto his penis while facing away from him.
Bounce horse :- 
In this variation of the reverse cowgirl position, his hands are free to explore and get a little rough. Getting into this position is pretty simple. Make him lie on his back and straddle him while facing away from him.
Miss booty :- 
This physical activity position might seem more of a workout. but you have more control of the depth and speed of penetration. Your partner can use his hands for some spanking. Just place your hands on the floor as he pulls you by your waist. Rest your legs on either side of his hips while he penetrates you.

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