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Does female Viamax work?

Female Viagra should not be compared to male Viagra. The active ingredient in male Viagra is Sildenafil, which belongs to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. This works to treat erectile dysfunction in men by relaxing the muscles and dilating the blood vessels in the penis, which then increases blood flow to the area and causes an erection when intercourse activity  stimulated.

physical dysfunction in women is characterized by a lack of desire, arousal or orgasm.  Viagra aims to enhance performance, while female viagra aims to balance chemicals in the brain that correlate to desire, increase lovemaking recall and sensitivity to stimulation. There has been no significant evidence that Viagra for women works in the same way it does for men, as intercouse dysfunction in women has many different causes and symptoms varying from painful activity to loss of libido, it is hard to directly compare the two.

Viamax as a fertility treatment

Viagra has also be trialed as a fertility treatment by researchers from the her Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Nevada. Infertility in women can be linked with the lining of the uterus being too thin for the egg to implant. Viagra is hoped to prove useful in thickening the lining of the uterus to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Viamax to treat menstrual pain

Viagra could also be used to treat period pain in women. Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine believe that Viagra’s impact on blood flow qualifies it as a possible treatment for menstrual problems such as period pain and cramps. A small sample of 25 women confirmed that they believed their monthly symptoms were less painful under the influence of Viagra. Further trials are planned to investigate this further.

The jury is still out as to how effective female viagra is. While it will be a breakthrough for women if it is proved to work over the long-term on boosting libido, it clearly also has other benefits in terms of relieving period pain and helping fertility.


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