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Intimax 100 mg/50mg tablets are designed to help in suffering from Erectile dysfunction. The ingredients in it are used to revitalize and to revive a acticity life by providing the male a capability to obtain a rock hard erection. It also treats other problems described by a health care provider including pulmonary arterial hypertension. Intimax is manufactured in different forms like tablets, oral jelly, sprays, and pills. Side effects associated with this drug are nausea, vomiting, facial redness, and stomach upset. Changes in vision and hearing can also occur. Boys under 18 years should not use this drug. Females are not usually advised to consume Intimax tablets, even for pulmonary hypertension without consulting a doctor first.

Sildenafil Working Mechanism

Sildenafil belongs to a group of chemicals called as PDE5 inhibitors. They are called so as they block the activity of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5. Blocking this enzyme leads to the increased activity of cGMP in the smooth muscles and veins of the penis. cGMP causes the smooth muscles of the penis to relax, which leads to vasodilation and increased blood flow to the penis. As the blood flow in the penis increases, the erection is enhanced and the penis stays erect as long as sildenafil remains in the blood.

Intimax Effects for Erectile Dysfunction

Intimax, just like Kamagra and Viagra, contains sildenafil as its main ingredient. As explained earlier, sildenafil acts to increase the blood flow to the penile organ causing an enhanced erection. This increased blood flow can be useful specifically for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Due to erectile dysfunction, the patients are unable to get an erection which can lead to poor quality of life and mental distress. Taking Intimax can reduce these symptoms resulting in a healthier lovemaking life. Not only does Intimax treats erectile dysfunction, it also cures premature ejaculation along with other male enhancement effects. By acting on some specific parts of the brain, Intimax also reduces the emergence of premature ejaculation.

Suitable Doses and Length of Therapy

Every drug has a loading dose and a maintaining dose. A loading dose is an initial dose which is required to maintain therapeutic levels in the blood. The loading dose must be properly calculated so that the useful effects of the drugs start as quickly as possible. The loading dose of Intimax is 50mg. It means that during the start of treatment, the patient must take 50mg daily. After this, the maintenance doses start which are required to maintain the therapeutic levels in the blood for a long duration. The maintenance dose is 25-100mg per day. Patients are advised to take only one dose per day.



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